A New Picard-Led Star Trek Series Is Coming Soon


Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez.

Series Premiere January 23

Star Trek, as a franchise, has always prided itself on boldly going where no one has gone before—and they’re about to do so once again, by bringing back a beloved Trek character in a completely new capacity.

As just announced, Sir Patrick Stewart will be reprising his iconic role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the character he portrayed for an impressive seven years on Star Trek: The Next Generation, in a brand-new Star Trek series. The still-untitled show will follow Picard “in the next chapter of his life,” presumably after fulfilling his duty as a member of Starfleet.

Not much is known about who else will be appearing in this new Star Trek iteration nor about what Picard’s trajectory throughout the series will be. However, producer (and Discovery co-creator) Alex Kurtzman has said that the new series is a “more psychological show,” than The Next Generation, and “a character study about this man in his emeritus years,” noting that “there are so few shows that allow a significantly older protagonist to be the driver.” “Psychological” can mean a lot of different things, but one thing’s for sure—if this new show is as half as good as Star Trek: Discovery, we’re certainly in for a treat.