New Star Trek Series Beams Into Space January 2017

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Earlier today, Bell Media announced a monumental new licensing agreement that brings the new Star Trek television series to Canada, boldly going where no Canadian company has gone before. “With Bell Media’s acquisition of the exclusive linear television and subscription video on demand (SVOD) rights in English and French in Canada, each episode of the new Star Trek series will be available simultaneously with its release in the U.S.,” the press release explained. “Bell Media has also licensed all 727 existing episodes of the Star Trek television library—which includes Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise.”

The first episode of the new series will premiere on CTV, with all subsequent episodes debuting on Space before streaming exclusively on CraveTV. Production gets underway this September in Toronto with the premiere scheduled for May. This is exciting news for fans of the most enduring science fiction franchise, but as the recent Star Trek movies make clear, Trekkies can be a tough crowd. With that in mind, here are five things the new series can do to win over the faithful.

1. Focus on the Characters


The extra screen time a TV show affords should result in the kind of rich character development many found lacking from the recent movies. If the crew of the Starship Enterprise boards this new series, we’re also hoping Uhura gets liberated from sex-symbol status and Scotty gets a chance to tone down his wacky comic relief.

2. Bring Back Vulcan


One of the most controversial aspects of 2009’s Star Trek was the destruction of Vulcan. This opened up new narrative possibilities, but it also robbed the series of several iconic characters and relationships.

3. Hire an Eccentric Captain


While Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk has been generally well-received by fans, his approach is a little generic compared to the lively, theatrical eccentricity of previous Captains like William Shatner and Patrick Stewart.

4. More Star Trek, Less Star Wars


The world is already saturated with Star Wars sequels, spin-offs, and knock-offs, making this an ideal time for Star Trek to tone down Abrams’ nods to the work of George Lucas. Instead, we’d like to see the new series revive the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, putting the emphasis back on morality, politics, and credible science.

5. Face the Future


Rather than revisit earlier periods in Star Trek history, the new series should venture into the future, exploring the dramatic potential of all the latest Trek-nology.

The video below is light on details, but it suggests that the new series is likely to reach beyond the classic Star Trek template. According to this teaser, you can expect “new crews,” “new villains,” “new heroes,” and “new worlds.” Watch for the series premiere in January 2017.