New Passengers Trailer Shakes Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt From A Deep Space Sleep

In the future, no one will hear you screaming from the deck of your sinking ship. Because you and your ship will be in space and screaming requires a solid, liquid, or gas medium of a certain density in order for sound waves to work (thanks, Alien). What we’re saying is: the characters in The Imitation Game director Morten Tyldum’s latest movie, Passengers, are totally screwed.

Passengers is part of a slate of movies that will give you the excuse to escape your family for a few hours during the holidays. In theatres on December 21, the Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence-starring movie (isn’t it nice how Santa brings us a nice Lawrence movie every year?) has a new clip out today… and it’s pretty cool-looking (especially the part where robot space bartender Michael Sheen clears the bar of its glassware using his head).

Dubbed the official “Event” trailer by Sony (watch the first trailer here), the footage reveals a glimpse of the predicament that Pratt and Lawrence’s characters find themselves in: emerging from an induced decades-long sleep (with perfect, I-woke-up-like-this-defining hair), they find their fellow travellers all still unconscious. Go-getters that they are, the two have risen 90 years ahead of schedule—to discover that the ship is not only stranded but sinking fast. But was it really an accident? Between steamy space makeout sessions, they begin to uncover the truth.

Check out the “Event” trailer below: