Watch The Mini-Mutant Kick Everyone’s Ass In The Latest Logan Trailer

The new Logan trailer is here and it’s darker and bloodier than ever. The film might be called Logan but it’s hard to deny that the star of the show is a mysterious young girl he seems to be protecting—or is he protecting everyone else from her? The trailer starts with the girl carelessly shoplifting through a gas station and when the shop owner confronts her, things get violentat least until Logan steps in. The film’s marketing has highlighted its hard R-rating and this red band trailer shows why. Between the neck-slashing and the swearing—who knew Professor X had such a potty mouth?—this trailer is NSFW.

There are reports that one of the new scenes was actually re-cut for the trailer to make it a little less gory. In the scene mid-trailer, where the girl is walking towards Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) after easily dealing with his thugs inside the warehouse, she drops a pair of handcuffs—except in the original cut she actually drops a severed head. That seems like a pretty good indication of how dark Logan is willing to go, but we are stoked for a gritty X-Men movie.

Logan follows the ageing Wolverine while he travels the Mexican border and attempts to care for an ailing Professor Xavier. The former X-Man is forced into one last battle to help protect a young girl who’s being pursed by dark forces.

Logan hits theatres March 3 2017.