The New Logan Clip Proves Wolverine Has Had Worse Jobs Than You

You know what profession makes a career in the fast food industry look appealing? Limo driver. Shuttling around drunk bachelorettes and drunker frat boys for money night after night doesn’t look like a lot of fun—and that’s before you even consider the cleanup job you’re in for the next morning.

The mysterious new black-and-white trailer for Logan definitely makes the job seem dreary—ironic, since it’s titled ‘Sunseeker’, the name of the boat Logan appears to be trying to buy in the voicemail message that plays in the background as he drives his less than pleasant clientele back and forth across the city.

The message has Wolverine identifying himself as James Howlett—which should excite X-Men mega fans while shedding some light on the backstory we might see in Logan. What do we know about this particular alias? For one thing, he’s not a fan of paperwork.

Check out the clip below. Logan, which also features Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, and Dafne Keen, in in theatres on March 3.