5 Reasons The New Killjoys Poster Has Us Pumped For Season 3

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Ahead of it’s Season 3 Space premiere on June 30, Killjoys has released some kick-ass new artwork to celebrate the launch. No surprise: it’s awesome. It features intergalactic bounty hunters Dutch, John, and D’avin along with what might prove to be the most formidable nemesis the trio’s ever taken on: Dutch’s double, Aneela.

Here’s why it’s got us psyched for the new season:

1. It looks like a poster for a Star Wars spinoff

Which is a nice coincidence (or a purposeful homage) considering that Killjoys star Hannah John-Kamen had a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (She’ll also be starring alongside Alicia Vikander in 2018’s Tomb Raider reboot.)

2. We can stare at Aneela for as long as we like

There’s been talk about Dutch’s doppleganger since forever but we got only the briefest glimpse at her in Season 2’s ‘How To Kill Friends and Influence People’. This is our first real opportunity to look into the character’s eyes and try to figure out just how evil she is.

3. All three Killjoys, present and accounted for

Despite Johnny’s departure for unknown parts of the Quad and beyond at the end of Season 2, this poster is proof enough that he’ll be rejoining the team in the upcoming episodes.

4. So much green plasma

Johnny, Dutch, and D’avin seem to be standing in a sea of it. Does this mean we’ll get to see D’av dunked in the stuff again? Kidding. But we do want to find out how it’s connected to the fate of the Quad.

5. Lucy!

Our fave talking spaceship is back for another season of sarcasm, insubordination, and saving everyone’s butt whenever things begin to look really bad.