The New Highlander Trilogy Will Follow In The Footsteps Of Star Wars

As we told you back in November, John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski (who also directed the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 2) has been hired to take the helm of the long-anticipated Highlander reboot. Speaking to Collider recently, Stahelski made it clear that he has enormous affection for the original, he intends to include Queen on the new film’s soundtrack, and he is hoping to deliver something far more ambitious than a one-off remake.


“We’re currently doing a bit of work on the overall plot structure,” he explained. “When I came on board, they were trying to reinvent the single Highlander property. We’ve gone since back in and we would like to really expand the world, so we consider the same shortcomings don’t happen again that happened on the original project, meaning you have one great movie and four questionable follow-ups… it’s not about marketing, it’s not so much about the financials, it’s about how can we make a more mythological, chapter one, chapter two… what’s a great way to tell this story?”

Part of the way Stahelski plans to achieve that goal is by lifting elements from the ’90s TV series and combining them with the Highlander remake script he was originally hired to direct. “The vision we’re trying to get across and what we’re trying to develop, I equate very close to Star Wars,” he said. “The first one is a very satisfying ending, but it does leave the door open and that’s kind of how I see this. I would really like to expand it over three. I see the gathering happening over three. It’s tricky—don’t get me wrong—that’s why we’re still developing it. We want to be able to tell three complete stories that all kind of fit. I think the Star Wars trilogy, at least up to The Empire Strikes Back, is a good example of how we want to process it.”

It’s still not clear when the first film will hit theatres, but you have plenty of old Highlander movies and episodes to keep you busy in the meantime. Check out the trailer for the 1986 original below.