See Who Major’s Up Against In The New Ghost In The Shell Trailer

Coming just a week after the 30-second Super Bowl spot was revealed, we’ve got another (much longer) new trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders’ Ghost In The Shell. In it, we get a closer look at the film’s brain-hacking Kabuki-bots, machine gun briefcases, and (finally) a real glimpse of our villain.

Major (Scarlett Johansson), a kickass cyborg hybrid who leads a counter-cyberterrorism force called Public Security Section 9, is faced with a conspiracy plot in which she plays a central role. Behind it is mega-bad guy hacker, Kuze (Michael Pitt), who, among other things, seems bent on convincing Major that she’s not what she thinks she is.

While Major might be confused about that, the clip shows us a lot about who she is and what she’s capable of (running across vertical surfaces while shooting at people, leaping from the tops of tall buildings, and kicking butt while invisible, for example). But despite her cyborg bod, Major seems to have complete human autonomy. “They created me, but they cannot control me,” she declares.

Based on Mamoru Oshii’s super popular cyberpunk anime franchise, the somewhat controversial Ghost in the Shell adaptation also stars Juliette Binoche, Takeshi Kitano, Westworld’s Michael Wincott, and Game of Thrones actor Pilou Asbæk, who plays Major’s partner, Batou. It’s in theatres on March 31. Check out the trailer below.