The New Doctor Who Logo Is Sleek And Stunning

Doctor Who

Along with a new Doctor, a new outfit, and a trio of new cast members, the BBC has just announced that the show will also be getting a fresh new Doctor Who logo—and they’ve just unveiled it.

This is no modest revision, either. Gone is the thick, blue lettering in which the D and W occasionally came together to make the shape of the Doctor’s police box TARDIS. Instead, we have a sleek new Who…. in a fiery orange-red. Spicy!

“Our aim was to create modern and elegant designs that were anchored in the things that we love most about Doctor Who,” said the BBC’s Worldwide Executive Creative Director, Rafaela Perera. We’re definitely fans of this modern update but all this change to a beloved show makes for a lot to take in.

Of course, it feels that way with almost every new Doctor, and as familiar as we are with the current logo, fact is, it’s changed before, too—many times. A quick trip to the TARDIS Data Core tells us that the show has more than a dozen different logos over its long history on television.

The change is a dramatic one, but like with Jodie Whittaker’s groundbreaking first female Doctor, it seems like the right time. We’re ready. Are you? Check out the new logo in action below.