Who’s Pearl Mackie? 7 Things We Know About The Actor Playing The Doctor’s New Companion

It’s been a tense 48 hours for Whovians. On Thursday, it was announced the next Doctor Who companion would be revealed over the weekend. Instantly, the countdown—and guessing game—began. Today, we found out the the lucky new cast member is Pearl Mackie, a relative unknown… until now.

Here are seven things we’ve uncovered about the Doctor’s next companion in time and space travel:

1. She’s a stage actor with a list of theatrical credits that include A Mad World My Masters, Obama-Ology, Into the Woods, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, in which she’s scheduled to appear in until sometime this June. Peter Capaldi himself recently took in the play.


2. She’s funny. Here’s Mackie in “Date Aid,” a satirical PSA advocating a new approach for international aid.

3. She’s got pipes. Check her out covering Frank Sinatra’s signature tune “The Lady Is a Tramp.” Do we have the first singing Who companion on our hands? How do the Daleks feel about show tunes?

4.  She’s a big Prince fan. Since his death, Mackie has posted nearly a dozen tweets and retweets about her love for the musical genius.

5. She knows Bond franchise star Ben Whishaw. The two co-starred in a 2014 music video for British electronica band Years and Years. The clip also features Black Mirror actor Tuppence Middleton.

6. She’s not completely new to the BBC—or to doctors. Back in 2014, Mackie had a guest spot on the network’s long-running soap, Doctors. Check out her performance on the show:

7. She teaches other actors. Under “special skills,” her CV says she’s an ace at “mixing maturity and immaturity.” And there’s this: “Her experiences have inspired a vibrant optimism whilst also teaching her a level of realism that keeps her feet on the ground although her dreams may be among the stars.” How completely and literally Who does that sound?