New ‘Ant-Man’ Teasers Reveal Yellowjacket Concept Art

While some Marvel fans felt last week’s trailer for the upcoming “Ant-Man” was seriously lacking in humor, others might have noticed another major piece of the action missing: Yellowjacket.

Thankfully, Marvel Entertainment remedied this on Monday (Jan. 12) by releasing concept art depicting Corey Stoll’s take on the winged villain, along with a handful of new stills from the film.

Yellowjacket Concept Art By Jackson Sze


Concept Art Showing A Micro-Sized Ant-Man Inside His Bathtub


Concept Art of Ant-Man Entering The Wild, Underground Insect World


Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a.k.a. Ant-Man, And Mentor Hank Pym (Michael Douglas)


Ant-Man Riding Into Action Aboard A Winged Insect


Ant-Man” hits theaters on July 17.