New Ant-Man Posters Poke Fun At Marvel’s Other Heroes


Photo Credit: Marvel

An insect-size hero may be a bit of a hard sell but Marvel has high hopes for Ant-Man, despite its star’s small stature, and a new set of Ant-Man posters prove the studio isn’t afraid to poke fun at its other, better-known heroes.

Perhaps tired of being mocked by this 1959 Frank Sinatra song, “Ant-Man,” one of The Avengers’ founding members, is fighting back.

The film’s new posters channel Marvel’s Avengers cred into the Ant-Man hype machine, touting Paul Rudd’s mini-hero as a guy with the kind of super-human strength that doesn’t require Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, or Iron Man’s armour. Check them out:


Clever, right? Even the latest TV spot, released yesterday, takes a good-natured jab at The Avengers while showing off the movie’s ant-sized actions scenes.

Ant-Man marches into theatres on July 17. We’ll be watching—even if we have to move a rubber tree plant or two to get there.