Feast Your Eyes On These 11 New Alien: Covenant Images

38 years after its release, Alien remains one of the most effective triumphs of less-is-more horror filmmaking. Giving the audience very little to work with, director Ridley Scott makes every big moment count. The same seems to be true of Alien: Covenant, which made a big impression with its first trailer, leaving fans hungry for more details. While you still have nearly three months to wait for the movie itself, these 11 images should help tide you over:

1. Meet the cast, including James Franco’s Captain Branson

2. Is Daniels the new Ripley?

3. David’s back… or is that Walter?

4. Kenny Powers goes to space

5. Armed for combat

6. Exploring new territory

7. Feeling small

8. Things get dark

9. And bloody

10. And scary

11. But Daniels is on the case

In a recent conversation with Digital Spy, director Ridley Scott explained that he was drawn back to the Alien franchise because the writers of Prometheus asked a question that all previous incarnations ignored: where do the aliens come from? “That’s why good writers are good writers,” he said. “They’ll ask a basic question like that and make that into a scenario. So we did Prometheus—that heaved it off the ground—and Covenant is a follow-through to Prometheus. So we now know who created this, and why.”

But don’t expect Scott to stop there. According to the director, another film is being planned, one that he sees as “a joining up of the storyline,” presumably merging the prequels with the Ripley films. According to Scott, that third prequel will touch on “mortality, immortality, and the real question of who created us and why.”

Alien: Covenant bursts into theatres on May 19. Check out the trailer below.