Pets In Nerdy Costumes Are The Best Thing About Halloween

Dressing kids in ridiculous costumes for Halloween is one of the primary reasons that people decide to procreate, but what if there was a way to avoid the diapers, tantrums, and college tuition that comes with having children while still getting to enjoy the deep satisfaction of putting something smaller than yourself into an adorable getup every October?

Oh my god, there is.



In fact, dressing up your pet at Halloween is even better than costuming your kid. As soon as kids are old enough to speak, they begin making demands like “Make me a princess!” or “I’m going as Adam Sandler this year!” Pets are keenly aware that when it comes to costumes, you know best—whether that means ordering an AT-AT off of Amazon:


Or accentuating their best features with a simple accessory:


Pets don’t complain when you can’t splash out on a fancy store-bought costume. They’re totally cool with a DIY cardboard one (that they can tear apart with their teeth as soon as you’re done taking the picture):


Couples costumes are usually revolting… except this one:


And you can even incorporate your pet’s penchant for lying around all day doing nothing into a costume (since when did having a lazy teenager ever work to your advantage?):


Plan on dressing up your pet for Halloween this year? There are only two rules. One: make sure they’re happy and comfortable in their costume; and two: send us photos. Please.