Neon Art Series Offers A Colourful Twist On Classic Horror Icons

More than any other movie genre, horror attracts fans with a high tolerance for the same old thing. Even if you release Halloween on Blu-ray 20 times, they’ll find a reason to keep on buying. Of course, most horror fans are also voracious enough to embrace plenty of new things. With both tendencies in mind, artist Jazmin (aka RetkiKosmos) has created a new art series that subjects familiar horror legends to a striking new colour scheme. In addition to the use of ’80s-inspired neons, these images are characterized by bowling alley stars, wardrobe surprises, and a few other twists. Here are a few of the highlights.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

No one really knows what’s going on inside the mind of Leatherface, but Jazmin thinks it might have something to do with aliens.


A Nightmare on Elm Street

With that razor-sharp claw, Freddy Krueger has an undeniable cat quality, but we’re not sure he’s enough of a cat person to celebrate them on his sweater. Jazmin disagrees.


The Exorcist

The Exorcist’s unsettling levitation is given a Disney twist with the presence of Mickey Mouse on Regan’s nighty. While this brings her lost innocence to the surface, we’re grateful director William Friedkin went in another direction.



Unlike The Exorcist, Jaws is not known for its terrifying exploration of religious ideas, but that didn’t stop Jazmin from populating its poster art with dozens of crosses.


The Shining

There has been no shortage of fan-made Shining reboots (The Chickening is a recent highlight), but Jazmin may be the first to (unintentionally?) depict Jack Torrance as a werewolf.


For more of Jazmin’s “Deviant Art”—including everything from Pokemon to Hellraiser—visit her gallery here.