NASA’s Pumpkin Carving Skills Are Next Level

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to carve a Halloween pumpkin… but it totally helps. Yes, the annual NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory pumpkin carving competition is a real thing, yes, they use lasers, and yes, it’s glorious. The space agency’s employees go above and way the hell beyond your typical toothy jack-o-lantern face. Think: invading spaceship gourds and flaming meteor squash. Check out these spooky marvels of modern culinary/astro science:


Pumpkin: improves your morning latte for several months of the year, can also house an entire solar system.


This one’s a real turn-on (also, a turn-off).


Just what we need: multiple gourds weighing in on the upcoming US election.


Does your kid’s jack-o-lantern look like this? Congratulations, she’s going to be a nuclear physicist.


We, too, are avid supporters of anyone looking to extend BBQ season.


And one final pumpkin for the Halloween horror fans…


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