MythBuster Adam Savage Shows Us Why He’s An Expanse Superfan

It’s been a long wait (nearly a year), but The Expanse finally returns to Space for its second season on February 8. Those who somehow managed to miss the critically acclaimed first season have got some very enjoyable catching up to do, but if you still feel like you need a little convincing before diving in, we’ve got just the person to do the convincing: “gentleman scientist,” self-described “superfan,” and veteran MythBuster Adam Savage. In The Expanse, Expanded—a new 19-minute featurette—Savage offers a guided tour behind-the-scenes of the production, complete with a generous serving of sound bites from his fellow superfans and scientists, as well as the creative minds responsible for the show.

Right up front, Savage offers a concise sales pitch for the series. “The Expanse is at the forefront of a renaissance in the science fiction genre,” he explains. “With complex storylines, resonant characters, and groundbreaking special effects, it has captivated audiences and critics alike, even having been credited for doing for science fiction what Game of Thrones has done for fantasy.”

Savage is so confident about the quality of the show (and the comprehensiveness of his documentary) that he believes the uninitiated could go straight to Season 2. “Over the next half hour, we’ll go deeper into The Expanse phenomenon and catch you up on everything you need to know for Season 2,” he says, promising to reveal the qualities that make the “incredible world” of The Expanse “so fantastic, yet so authentic.” See for yourself in the featurette below—and be sure to tune in when The Expanse returns to Space on February 8.