The Mummy Reboot May Be Getting A Gender-Swapped Twist

The upcoming Mummy reboot is exciting for several reasons, not least of which is that it’s kicking off Universal’s planned monster cinematic universe. The studio announced last year that it would be reviving several of its monster-themed franchises for an interconnected series (hey, it worked for Marvel), so getting the Mummy right is hella important.

And now, it looks like there’s an even bigger reason to be excited: The Mummy revival may be getting one major, estrogen-injected twist by starring a woman as the titular, bandage-wrapped tomb dweller.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, two stories are being considered for writer Jon Spaihts’ script: one centered around a female mummy, and one centered around a male mummy. Both options are apparently on the table while the film looks for its star, and the decision will ultimately come down to which lead actor or actress dazzles them most.

The original 1932 film and the Brendan Fraser-starring 1999 remake (as well as the sequels and spin-off it spawned) both starred male mummies, so this would be a welcome change of pace that would undoubtedly freshen up the franchise. Not to mention, it comes at a time when squashing Hollywood gender norms is getting a ton of attention.

The Alex Kurtzman-directed Mummy reboot is scheduled for release in March 2017 and is part of Universal’s effort to resurrect the most classic monsters from its vault. Other potential films involving Dracula, Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, Van Helsing and the Bride of Frankenstein are also being considered.

Until we know for sure how this whole Mummy thing plays out, just remember…