In Morgan, The Future Is Female, Synthetic, And Deadly

Luke Scott is following in the sci-fi footsteps of his director father, Ridley Scott, with his first feature, Morgan, a futuristic horror film that capitalizes on our fascination with humanoid robots and then toys with our related (and justifiable) anxieties.

Like Ex Machina, AMC’s incredible Humans series, and, of course, Blade Runner before it, Morgan centres on a lab-grown, genetically engineered synth with abilities that extend far beyond those of the team that created her. As Morgan (played by Anya Taylor-Joy, excellent and equally creepy in 2015’s The Witch) speeds through childhood at an accelerated pace, her creators become less able to manage or understand her. There’s an incident and a corporate overseer (Kate Mara) is sent in to investigate. Cue: more anxiety—corporate sociopaths playing god for profit? Um, no thanks.

Scott, who worked alongside his father on The Martian and Exodus: Gods and Kings, both wrote and directed Morgan, recruiting Paul Giamatti, Toby Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie to round out the cast.

Morgan comes out September 2. Check out the trailer plus a just-released extended scene—which features Giamatti’s psychiatrist character making a really terrible life choice—below.