Moana’s Deleted Scene Shows Us The Brothers She Almost Had

Now that the Oscars are coming up, it’s a great time to re-watch some of the best films of the year—like Moana, which is nominated for Animated Feature Film and Original Song, thanks to “How Far I’ll Go.”

It’s a great time to learn more about these films, too, especially in Moana‘s case. Discarded parts of the story are making their way to the DVD version, so now there’s a chance for viewers to meet Moana’s brothers in this deleted clip.

In Moana‘s final cut, our heroine is an only child, but Disney was into the idea of Moana coming from a huge family—with six older brothers, to be exact. In this scene, Moana is determined to beat all six of the boys in a race that has her sail boat competing with their canoes.

Stubborn determination is—or was, before her bros got scrubbed from the movie—a family trait, so it seems.