MLB The Show 17 Hits It Outta The Park

Springtime means flowers, park days, and patios for most, but for me it means baseball and the return of MLB The Show. The San Diego studio game has always been my favourite sports title by far. Each year, they add increasingly realistic elements to the game and 2017 is no exception. For starters, the stadiums look incredible. Visiting Toronto’s Rogers Centre and the views from behind home plate are so well laid out and designed it’s almost like watching an legit MLB broadcast.

The best addition to Franchise Mode is the ability to gloss over your least favourite features. In my case, that’s always been the scouting, I love the trading, budgeting, and free agent signing, but the scouting has always been the bane of my existence. Now, with the click of a button, I can effortlessly make that one section go into auto pilot without missing out on some of the top prospects in the draft.

Road to the Show, my all time favourite feature in any game, gives me the ability to live the dream of being a professional baseball player without having to put in the hard work of exercise and worry about having things like “skill”. Each year I get just as excited as the last to enter the draft and hopefully get picked up by the Blue Jays. In The Show 17, they’ve added in new features to make it almost feel like you’re in a documentary about playing baseball, where you now have to make decisions in conversations with the media, agent, and your GM, all which will shape your players’ career path. Will he be a team player or a cocky showboat? That’s all for you to decide!

Retro Mode is a much appreciated new feature that pulls at the nostalgic heartstrings. Back are those sweet old school graphics and mechanics that made Super Nintendo’s Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball so much fun back in the ’90s. (Still, nothing beats that game’s rippin’ soundtrack.) Retro Mode also scores major points for bringing back the fly ball sound I still hear when gathering under a pop fly anytime I take the real baseball field.

All in all, MLB The Show 17 is a winning addition to the San Diego Studio franchise. For any sports fan—especially baseball fans—consider this a must-have. The game is out now exclusivity on PlayStation 4. Check out the latest trailer below: