Harry Potter Proves He’s A Funny Guy Once And For All In Miracle Workers


When we first met a bespectacled Daniel Radcliffe nearly two decades ago in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, we had absolutely no idea that he would grow up to be a pretty funny dude. Yet here we are, many Hippogriffs and Horcruxes later, and Radcliffe is headlining his own CTV Comedy Channel series, Miracle Workers, alongside the legendary Steve Buscemi.

In some ways, it was the role Radcliffe was always meant to play. Here’s why:

The Dark & Twisty Material


In Miracle Workers, Radcliffe plays a well-intentioned angel named Craig who works at Heaven, Inc. in the Prayers department. When God (Buscemi) faces a midlife crisis and decides to blow up Earth, Craig bets him that if he can pull off one little miracle, God will have to call off his plans. It’s a dark premise to be sure, but one filled with a lot of hope—and if anyone is used to playing a hopeful character who faces dark obstacles, it’s Daniel Radcliffe.

A Well-Rounded Cast


Anyone who thought Harry Potter saved the wizarding world from Voldemort single-handedly wasn’t paying attention. After all, where would he have gotten without Ron and Hermione? Radcliffe’s got some pretty stand-up ensemble cast members to help push the comedy along in Miracle Workers, too, in the form of Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Soni. The actors play Craig’s fellow angels Eliza and Sanjay, and the chemistry is, as they say, off the charts. Especially as they work together to save the world and surprising things go down as a result.

“There are unforeseen consequences for our actions,” Radcliffe teases. “You get some very well-intentioned actions leading to some very bad things.”

His Perfect Preceding Roles


At its core Miracle Workers is a romantic comedy, as Craig has to play matchmaker in order to fulfill his promise to God. Even though Radcliffe isn’t the romantic lead of the show by any means, he’s had some rom-com experience through lesser known projects like What If and, to some extent, Horns. Add that to his experience with more surreal, dramatic roles like Victor Frankenstein and Swiss Army Man and Radcliffe has proven he’s willing to take on gigs that challenge all of our perceptions. Besides, he’s also had experience match-making in real life, and he knows just how poorly that can go.

“I was very unsuccessful. I got two friends together who I thought would get on really well because they both kind of liked like partying,” he says. “And then they both got really drunk. Apparently one of them got really angry. It was a disaster. I now can’t socialize with those people together, so it really backfired.”

Behind-the-Scenes Participation


It’s important to note that Radcliffe cast a spell on his fellow producers long before taking on his role in Miracle Workers. He revealed his comedic chops as a host on Saturday Night Live years prior to the Miracle Workers premiere, so it makes perfect sense that Radcliffe and SNL’s Lorne Michaels collaborated behind-the-scenes as producers alongside creator Simon Rich to make Miracle Workers come to life.

“It’s been a really special treat for me to be involved in the process from a much earlier stage than I have been with anything else that I’ve ever done, really,” he says. “Not that I’ve been particularly shaping anything because it’s mainly just been Simon saying things, and me going, ‘Yeah, that’s a great idea. Do that.’ But it’s been lovely to be involved in that process for the first time, and I certainly hope that I’ve contributed something.”

Miracle Workers debuts with back-to-back episodes tonight at 10 p.m. ET on CTV Comedy Channel. Check out the trailer below.