What Directors Would Look Like If They Turned Into Their Most Iconic Movie Characters

They’re not toys, they’re collectibles, okay? No, really. Don’t call Seattle visual artist Mike Leavitt’s creations dolls, action figures, knick knacks or figurines. They’re art—and if you’re a genre film fan, you’d probably consider them really great art. Leavitt, who works under the name ReMike, recently displayed his hand-carved wood-and-clay sculptures in an actual gallery in New York. Pretty huge for a guy who describes himself as “a 38-year-old making dolls in his basement.”

Here he is talking about the things he makes (and we get to watch him build a pretty perfect Donald Trump—right down to his freakishly small fingers).

Leavitt obviously knows movies. His work fuses big time directors like George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, and Hayao Miyazaki with the characters they’ve created on film. Think: Tim Burton as a Scissor-handed Batman and Steven Spielberg as a prehistoric E.T. … or, you know, Woody Allen as a sad banana with lobster claws.


16 filmmakers in total have, in Leavitt’s hands, been given the same treatment they’ve subjected their characters to. We’d say Allen, Tarantino, and David Lynch suffered the most, though Orson Welles didn’t get off too easily either. Miyazaki and Wes Anderson fared the best. Guess it pays to be cutesy?


Check out more of Mike’s work below.

Kathryn Bigelow & David Lynch


Orson Welles & Stanley Kubrick


Tim Burton & Quentin Tarantino