The Art In The Mighty Thor Is Eye Candy And Then Some

Taking comic books seriously isn’t exactly a new trend these days. It’s pretty well-established that truly amazing art and storytelling can and does come from superheroes and fantasy universes as often as it comes from art galleries and museums. That being said, it’s still pretty cool to see work as amazing as what’s being done by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson in The Mighty Thor.


The hugely talented duo have been Team Jane Foster almost since the beginning of her reign as Goddess of Thunder, from 2014 until the present day (and hopefully for all eternity). There are tons of incredible artists working on the series, but Dauterman & Wilson’s panels in particular make you want to tear them out and put them on your wall (don’t do that.)


The most fascinating and complex aspect of Jane/Thor’s story—as it is with many regular-person-becomes-a-super-hero story—is the comparison between Jane Foster’s ordinary everyday life vs. The Goddess of Thor’s fantastical adventures in the nine realms. This is where Dauterman & Wilson’s skill really shines—every mundane moment on earth is crafted with the same rich colour and beautiful linework as every bizarre otherworldly landscape and fantastical, impossible creatures.