Michael K. Williams Joins An Already Stacked Han Solo Cast

If you thought the cast for the Han Solo spinoff movie couldn’t get any more star-studded, think again—The Wire’s Michael K. Williams has officially signed on to join Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, and the rest of the Solo crew in space.

Though rumours about Williams’ casting had been floating around over the past week, on Monday Disney officially announced that he’ll be appearing in the much anticipated Star Wars prequel. Williams confirmed the news later that day on Entertainment Weekly: The Show, where he said “it’s pretty safe to say, yeah, I think I’m going to be a part of the family.” To be honest, neither Disney nor Williams himself really had to make an official announcement—based on the number of Star Wars-related news articles Williams has been re-tweeting lately, the news was pretty much inevitable.

No news has been released about Williams’ character, which is expected (we don’t know anything about Thandie Newton, Emilia Clarke, or Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s characters, either) but also a little frustrating—based on his varied and impressive roles in The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, The Night Of, and Hap and Leonard, Williams could be playing a Wookie and we wouldn’t be surprised.

Principal photography for the Han Solo movie began in January and the finished film is currently set to be released May 25, 2018. We’ll be waiting for even more A-list actors to join the cast in the meantime.