Marvel’s Powerful List of Enemies

mickey rourke


Marvel is in the midst of an unprecedented box office hot streak, but they had to endure some very awkward disagreements along the way. It’s hard to say whether this has limited or added to the company’s success, but Marvel has clearly accumulated a long list of enemies.

What Culture recently took a closer look at Marvel’s history of filmmaker feuds, most of which have stemmed from the company’s habit of bullying its collaborators. This has resulted in some particularly heated relationships with directors, including Thor: The Dark World’s Alan Taylor (who complained that Marvel “make it up as they go”), Patty Jenkins (who was fired from The Dark World before Taylor landed the job), and Edgar Wright, who abruptly quit Ant-Man after nearly a decade of work, due to Marvel’s extreme interference.

But judging from What Culture’s overview, it seems actors have had it even worse than directors. Edward Norton is said to have endured shouting matches with Marvel brass during the making of The Incredible Hulk, while Terrence Howard, Natalie Portman, and Hugo Weaving were either dropped from sequels, or showed no interest in returning.

However, no actor has been more vocal in his displeasure with Marvel than Iron Man 2’s Mickey Rourke, who complained that senseless cuts turned his character into a bland, generic villain. As a result of this disappointment, he took unusually crude shots at both Marvel and director Jon Favreau. “If you’re working for the wrong studio or let’s say a director that doesn’t have any balls, then they’re just gonna want it to be the evil bad guy,” he told Screen Rant in 2011. “If you’re working with some good studio guys that got brains and you’re working with a director with a set of nuts that’ll let you incorporate that then it’s fun. Otherwise, you end up with what happened on Iron Man.”