Marvel’s Inhumans Star Serinda Swan Interviews Costar Anson Mount About Sign Language And Her Cool Wig

Marvels Inhumans

We’re just over 48 hours ahead of the series premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans, and have we got a treat for you. Not long ago, two of the show’s stars, Serinda Swan (Medusa) and Anson Mount (Black Bolt), were hanging out in our office and we thought it would be fun to get them to interview each other about the upcoming show. We didn’t just do this because we’re too lazy to host interviews ourselves—we pinky swear!

In this clip, Swan interviews Mount about the upcoming show’s most pressing details, like what exactly went into creating Black Bolt’s unique sign language (a lot of time and practice), how the actor prepared for his non-speaking role (he watched a lot of orchestral conductors), the high expectations of the show’s IMAX presentation (ain’t no thing), and whether or not he tried on Medusa’s wig when no one was around (like we’re going to spoil that).

Marvel’s Inhumans premieres on CTV this Friday, September 29 at 8pm ET. Check out our video below, and stay tuned for part two, in which Mount grills Swan about the show.