Why Sit In Front Of A Normal Fire This Holiday Season When You Can Sit In Front Of A Marvel Superfire?

Is there anything that signals the arrival of the holiday season like surfing through 6,000 TV channels to find the one streaming a crackling Yule Log for 24 hours a day? The correct answer is ‘No’. This year, however, presents a superhero-themed alternative: Marvel’s 60-minute long fireplace videos that landed on YouTube yesterday.

We don’t even care that these videos are sponsored by the same corporate soda pop overlord that invented Santa Claus. They are weird and long and they will save us from fighting with various family members over whether we’re going to watch Christmas Day football for the millionth time or The Sound of Music for the millionth time. Instead, we’ll cue up a video playlist of Up Close with Guardians Fireside Video and follow it with Up Close with Thor Fireside Video, Up Close with Iron Man Fireside Video, Up Close with Ms. Marvel Fireside Video, Up Close with Captain America Fireside Video, and each of the alternate versions that give you a better look at the holiday homes of the five Avenger and Avenger-adjacent characters. That’s ten hours of superhero holiday cheer, in case your math skills have already gone on vacation.

Check out the Guardians video below. You can find the rest of the clips here.