Marvel Releases Teaser Image For Secret Empire Featuring Evil Captain America

Marvel has released a teaser image for its next big comic event, Secret Empire, which hints that an evil Captain America is coming to the Marvel Universe.

Released this past Friday (January 6), The teaser image gave the impression that the comic may focus on Captain America and Hydra double agent Steve Rogers. It is unclear whether Secret Empire will be a crossover comic between those two books or a separate series that somehow ties into both-after all, the teaser image isn’t much to go off of.


Regardless, it is safe to assume that Secret Empire will address Captain America writer Nick Spencer’s controversial decision to make Steve Rogers a secret Hydra agent since childhood.

The teaser image also came accompanied with the Abraham Lincoln quote, “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”—a clear reference to the fallout of Civil War II, which only recently wrapped up. Civil War II has left the Marvel Universe divided and, in turn, has left a lot of bad blood between the Marvel heroes. Surely this means those tensions will play directly into Secret Empire. It’s also important to note that The Secret Empire is a clandestine terrorist organization in the Marvel Universe with close ties to Hydra. Could this story introduce a new group to rival that of the Red Skull’s revived Hydra? What does this mean for other superhero favourites? Will the Marvel Universe be forever fractured?

Secret Empire could be the story line in which Captain America’s double agent secret is finally revealed to his fellow superheroes. However, that would probably not help the already divided Marvel hero gang and would create further divisions. Only time will tell—that, and hopefully more details from Marvel in the weeks to come.