Is Marvel Looking For More Female Avengers?

For those of us who are just as happy (if not happier) to watch women onscreen than men, the superhero boom has been somewhat frustrating. Sure, there’s the occasional love interest or sidekick, but superhero movies are notoriously light on substantial female characters. Presumably, Marvel is starting to feel some heat because the next 11 films on their slate are dominated by men, and their rivals at DC have jumped past them on this issue by finally bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen.


In all likelihood, Marvel is sensing an imminent backlash. With that (probably) in mind, they’ve found a way to market the extremely male-heavy Captain America: Civil War that also offers a nod to girl power. Introducing the new Girls Reforming the Future Challenge, Marvel explains that it’s “seeking young female Avengers.” This sounds like an encouraging development—until you read the fine print:

“Calling all girls between the ages of 15 and 18 and in grades 10-12, who are inspired to create a positive world through science and technology. Apply now to Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Girls Reforming the Future Challenge for a chance to win an internship with Marvel Studios.”


An internship? That’s it? While it’s entirely possible that Marvel’s heart’s in the right place, it would be in an even better place if they made some female-driven superhero movies. For better or worse, this opportunity is only open to American residents, so you Canadian teenagers will have to find some other way to reform the future. Find out what you’re missing here.