The Black Panther Marvel Comic Series Is Expanding With The Crew

It looks like fans will get a chance to learn more about comic book history’s first-ever black superhero before the Black Panther feature film comes out in 2018.

In a recent interview with Time magazine, Black Panther comic book writer Ta-Nehisi Coates revealed that he’s reviving Christopher Priest’s 2003 Marvel comic series, The Crew, and rewriting it to feature Black Panther as the series’ main character.

Coates is fittingly renaming the series Black Panther & The Crew, with the “crew” consisting of Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Manifold and Storm—who all appeared in Black Panther Issue #7 and are notable comic book characters of colour.


Coates, also a person of colour, told Time that it doesn’t, “reflect the real world to show just a bunch of white dudes” in comic books, and discussed the importance of making sure Black Panther & The Crew features not just characters of colour, but women of colour.

“You know, there were no women in the original Crew,” Coates explains. “And it just felt like you could not have a book like this without women.”

The inciting incident of the series is the death of an activist who passes away while being held custody by the police. The plot opens up the possibility for the series’ story lines to address race issues and power struggles that are occurring right now in the real world.

Based on Coates’ impressive track record, the new series will likely be both critically and commercially successful. Even though Coates only took over writing duties for the Black Panther comic series in April 2016, his books have already become extremely popular with around 300,000 copies of the series’ first issue being sold.

The release date for the first issue of Black Panther & The Crew has not been announced, but could coincide with the release of the Black Panther feature film—just like the first issue of the new Black Panther comic series coincided with last year’s release of Captain America: Civil War