Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Trailer Introduces ‘The Divine Pairing’

Cloak and Dagger

Where our first look at Cloak & Dagger focused on the undeniable chemistry between the titular characters, the newest trailer for Freeform’s upcoming Marvel show is an action-packed exploration of their intimate connection.

Laying out how the story will look, the trailer begins with a voiceover: “First, we look at the past. New Orleans is a rollercoaster of destruction and rebirth. Fire, famine, disease, war.” Meanwhile, scenes featuring Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) flash in quick succession. There are police cars, runaway trucks, underwater crashes, billowing fires, and actual shots fired.

As two hands meet underwater, we’re introduced to “the divine pairing”—Tandy’s Dagger to Tyrone’s Cloak. Throughout the rest of the trailer, the polar opposites realize that each draws out the other’s power, but, as Tandy says, “When we touch, shit goes boom.”

And when they touch, it also seems to attract bad guys and bad vibes—a phenomenon that has apparently happened before, as a voiceover ominously explains, “It’s the same as it was for all the others. One will live, and one will die.”

Whether these two can overcome the past remains to be seen. Cloak & Dagger premieres Thursday, June 7 on Freeform.