What’s Next In The MCU Lineup?


It’s that time of year again, folks. The birds are singing, the snow is slowly melting and Disney has released their exciting new and untitled additions to its Marvel movie release roster.

From July of 2020 right on through until July of 2022, Disney has announced that we can expect six additional mystery Marvel movies. Of course, this announcement has left Marvel fans wondering exactly what these films could be. After all, many of the cast’s contracts will be up after Infinity War: Part 2 (or whatever they’re going to call it). Luckily, we do have some clues to go off of that might be able to shed some light on a couple of the films’ heroes.

Out first guess follows a previously-announced, unnamed project with a release date pushed forward. The film—which is now set to hit theatres July, 2020—is more than likely Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Director James Gunn all but confirmed its arrival this past January on Twitter, which means that the crew could be safe from the dangers of Avengers: Infinity Wars upcoming battles.

From there, we can reason that another of the films is Black Panther 2. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has already stated in an interview that he wants Ryan Coogler to direct a sequel to the critically acclaimed film. With this in mind, we can bet that T’challa will also be one of the lucky ones to survive Thanos. Considering he’s one of the newest characters of the franchise-and his solo movie did so amazingly well-that’s not too surprising.

The last one we can guess towards is a Black Widow movie. Not too long ago, Chris Evans himself hinted at the upcoming project in a way that sent a shiver of excitement through the assassin’s fan-base. Pair Evan’s slip with the sudden interest many studios have been showing in producing female-led hero movies and we could have an origin film brewing.

Avengers: Infinity War is now set to hit theatres April 27 and although it marks the end of many contracts (including Chris Hemsworth’s role as Thor), we’re still hoping that we’ll get some sequels to a few of our original crew.