Wanna Know How Much Marvel Pays Its Superheroes?

Thanks to the widespread (and justified) concern that actresses are being paid significantly less than their male counterparts, there has been a great deal of debate about movie star income inequality in 2015. While just about every Hollywood star is handsomely rewarded for success, there is still a remarkable—and not entirely understandable—disparity in their salaries. The Marvel Cinematic Universe makes for an especially revealing case study, as several of the key players have screen time that is equal, and salaries that are not.

If you guessed that Robert Downey Jr. is on top by significant margin, you are right—and most would agree that this is justified, as he played a vital role in launching and maintaining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where the list gets a little more surprising is in the ways the rest of the salaries compare. You might expect that the Avengers with standalone movies (Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth) would get paid more than those who are only involved in a supporting capacity, but Jeremy Renner makes more than Hemsworth, while Scarlet Johansson makes more than Hemsworth and Evans combined.

As unfair as this breakdown might seem, it appears to be an important blow for women seeking something closer to pay equality. That said, Johansson is still only making half of what Downey makes and men outnumber women in this cast by a ratio of five-to-one. For a better sense of how the numbers compare, check out Comic Book Movies’ complete list of Avengers salaries below.

Robert Downey Jr. – $40 million


Scarlett Johansson – $20 million


Chris Evans – $6.9 million


Jeremy Renner – $6.1 million


Chris Hemsworth – $5.4 million


Mark Ruffalo – $2.8 million