America Chavez Is Marvel’s Queer Latina Superhero

Marvel has a new leading hero and she’s already in formation. America Chavez is the queer Latina superhero the world desperately needs and she’s ready to kick some ass.

America’s debut appearance was in 2011 in the limited series Vengeance, and she later appeared in 2013’s Young Avengers and 2015’s Ultimates and A-Force. The new series, simply titled America, will be the first leading series for the character.

Flanked by a few of her fellow leading ladies, Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau — otherwise known as Captain Marvel and Spectrum—the cover for America #2 is a clear homage to Beyoncé’s Formation. America seems to be channeling a level of feminism not often seen in comics. As the cover reveal comes only days after the Women’s Marches, it’s seems that America is echoing the female empowerment message heard around the globe. The new comic is written by Gabby Rivera and illustrated by Joe Quinones, who shared the cover for America #2 on his Twitter.

Marvel Comics has slowly been taking steps to diversify their lineup of heroes. They recently created Riri Williams a young black female genius who took over the mantle of Iron Man, and Miles Morales, a black/Puerto Rican teen who’s the new Spider-Man in the comics and on screen. As Marvel Comics attempts to broaden what it means to be a hero on the page, hopefully the films will follow suit and the next phase of the MCU will be as diverse as the comics.

America #2 hits shelves March 2017.