Asked About Star Wars Post-Leia, Mark Hamill Says ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’

star wars

For a kid-friendly franchise that’s been embraced by people of all ages, Star Wars is awfully heavy on death. In addition to those incidental characters who constantly drop like flies, we occasionally lose a major character, either onscreen (Han Solo) or off (Princess Leia).

It seems this has started to take a toll on Mark Hamill, who is so haunted by these deaths that he’s no longer interested in returning to the franchise. (It appears that Luke suffered a similarly bleak fate in The Last Jedi, but with so many weird new rules and deceptions in play, anything’s possible.)

In a new interview with ABC News, Hamill explained that Carrie Fisher’s absence put a real damper on the release of The Last Jedi—for him anyway.

“It really has tarnished my ability to enjoy it to its fullest,” he said, before sharing his thoughts on the loss of Han. “You were asking earlier, ‘Are you gonna come back?’ I don’t care anymore, on that level. Because Han Solo is gone, Luke is gone. You just can’t get the band back together the way you wanted it to be, and it shouldn’t be that way. It is what it is. Rather than being sorry that we can’t have more of her [Fisher], I’m just grateful that we had the time with her that we did.”

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