Mark Hamill Says You’ve Seen ‘The Last Jedi’ Somewhere Before

As soon as the title The Last Jedi was announced, people outside the Star Wars inner circle were speculating about its meaning, but what about the people who actually worked on the film? We can think of no better candidate to weigh in than Luke Skywalker himself (aka Mark Hamill). Speaking to Uproxx earlier this week, the actor explained that he’s had plenty of time to ponder the title. “I was told way back when we were doing the film what it was and I really liked it,” he said, before explaining that the title has been hiding in plain sight for over a year. “That actual phrase is in the crawl for Episode VII.”

Someone on Twitter alerted Hamill to a passage in the Force Awakens crawl that now has all kinds of added significance: “In his [Luke Skywalker’s] absence, the sinister First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been destroyed.”


Hamill was understandably surprised and intrigued by this revelation. “I thought, well, I didn’t know that! I’ve only seen it twice—VII, I mean. And I was wondering why they would use that phrase… because it specifies me. And I think it’s very ambiguous. Is the last Jedi Leia? Is it me? Is it someone we’ve never met before? Or is it Rey? Because she seems to have the Force as well. So we’ll all wait and see.”

In other words, anything’s still possible. For answers to the questions above, check out The Last Jedi when it arrives in theatres on December 15.