Mark Hamill Explains His Love Of All Things Disney

While fans have been obsessing over Mark Hamill’s absence from the trailers and posters for The Force Awakens—unless he’s hiding under a mask—we’re pretty sure J.J. Abrams has prominent plans for Luke Skywalker. If not, it would be almost impossible to explain the actor’s vocal enthusiasm for all things Disney in the winter issue of Disney twenty-three.

In recent years, some of Walt Disney’s less admirable traits have come to light, but Hamill grew up in a period of widespread adulation for the animation giant.

From the time he was a child, he fell under Walt’s considerable spell. “I’m someone who grew up as a Disney baby, and went to Disneyland the very first year it was open,” he explained. “I have all the animation sets. It’s really such a woven fabric of my childhood.”


With so many fond childhood memories connected to Disney, it was inevitable that he would expose his son to those iconic characters, but Hamill decided to go even further. “When I had to find a name to bridge Nathan to Hamill, I picked Walt Disney’s middle name, so he is Nathan Elias Hamill,” he said. “It’s a very melodic name, but it also shows you the depths of the Disneyphile that I am.”

If you’re a Gold Member of Disney’s official fan club, you can read more from this interview when Force Awakens issue of D23 is released later this month.