Mark Hamill Shares First-Ever Luke Skywalker Photo

Mark Hamill decided to celebrate Throwback Thursday early, and we sure are glad he did.

On the weekend, the Star Wars icon slash voice actor decided to share an image from his first shooting day for A New Hope. In the Twitter post, Hamill declared that the photo could be the “very first” Luke Skywalker photo ever taken, and while there could be other, earlier photos that nobody knows about, it’s hard to doubt the validity of the picture when it was revealed by Skywalker himself.

The picture was presumably taken on March 22, 1976—the first day of principal photography for A New Hope—when the movie’s early Tatooine scenes would have been filmed (which explains the Jawas that can be found in the background). As Hamill points out, he was waiting to film the scene when Luke buys C-3PO and R2-D2 off of some Jawa traders, beginning an unforgettable, heartwarming droid-human relationship that would last for years to come.

Hamill, who would have been only 24 years old when the photo was taken, understandably looks both excited and tentative about his first filming day. Fortunately, another inquisitive Star Wars fan asked about Hamill’s slightly perplexed, squinted expression.

And Hamill, of course, gave a satisfyingly witty response.

In other Mark Hamill-related Twitter news, he and John Boyega recently decided to troll us all once again by fuelling the rumour that Boyega’s The Force Awakens character, Finn, is actually Luke Skywalker’s son.

While we don’t know how likely it is that the “Finn Skywalker” theories will actually come true, we’ll probably (finally) find out who’s a Skywalker and who’s not when Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out on December 15.