Furiosa Vs. Vader: The Mad Max/Star Wars Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For

road wars

road wars

Mad Max: Fury Road was really cool but you know what it was missing? Lightsabers.

Seems some YouTuber with slick editing skills thought Imperator Furiosa would agree, and so Road Wars: The Imperator Strikes Back was born, featuring Mad Max characters wielding Star Wars weapons as they race across a desert scape which is no longer a post-apocalyptic earth, but dusty Tatooine instead (note the double moons and mind the Sandpeople—they’re crack shots).

star wars

The mashup features War Boy-manned TIE fighters attacking caravans and Fury Road’s suped-up cars trying to hold their own against X-Wings. All the while the Death Star looks down on the melee and Darth Vader himself moves menacingly through Immortan Joe’s Citadel.

If you’ve ever wondered what the world of Mad Max: Fury Road would look like as part of the Star Wars universe or is your just pressed for time and you just want to watch two awesome movies at once, this clip was made for you. Check it out: