Witness Mad Max: Fury Road Retold In Ancient Hieroglyph

mad max


One of this summer’s most surprising—and enduring—blockbusters, George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road has been a major topic of discussion since it first busted out of Valhalla and into cinemas last May.

Since then, we’ve dissected its mind-blowing special effects, spread rumours of a black-and-white version (not happening, btw), chuckled at spoofs and mash-ups, and peeked at its deleted scenes. But nothing is quite as “historic” as this unique retelling of Mad Max and Furiosa’s fire-and-blood-filled adventure, fittingly made to resemble an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph.

Created by a super talented artist who goes by the name Takumi (and swiftly picked up by Birth.Death.Movies), at first glance the image is a perfect encapsulation of the film’s sandy post-apocalyptic backdrop, but it also follows the film’s plot to a T.

See for yourselves:

mad max

Takumi also shared his initial black-and-white version, which would’ve jived nicely with Miller’s nixed black-and-white version of the film:

mad max

And you thought storyboards were rad. Mad Max: Fury Road barrel rolls onto Blu-ray and DVD September 1. Look out for our in-depth extras recap next week.