Mad Max: Fury Road Before and After Visual Effects


Warner Bros.

In all the hype surrounding Mad Max: Fury Road, much has been made of the fact that George Miller shot most of the stunts practically. However, the film’s apocalyptic visuals would not have been possible without the extensive use of visual effects.

Most of the stunts you see onscreen were performed in front of cameras, but as fxguide reveals, visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson and his team of hundreds completed more than 2000 special effects shots. Here’s a quick look at five examples.

Extras alone would have been an enormous challenge for Mad Max: Fury Road, given the fact that most of the film was shot in the deserts of Namibia. Fortunately, the filmmakers had some digital help.


You may wonder how Miller found the variety of terrain he needed. It turns out he didn’t.


This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but the film’s most apocalyptic extremes required heavy-duty effects work.


It turns out driving through massive walls of flames is not a viable production method.


Then again, it looks like it occasionally happened—but without dozens of other vehicles and actors swinging back and forth in the foreground.