M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass Is A Sequel To Split And Unbreakable

Night Shyamalan’s filmmaking career got off to an undeniably impressive start. By the time he was 28, he already had three features as writer-director under his belt, including one certified phenomenon: The Sixth Sense. This heartfelt thriller with a legendary twist earned six Oscar nominations and $672 million at the box office, paving the way for 2000’s Unbreakable. Another successful fan favourite, this movie fell somewhat short of The Sixth Sense’s earnings and acclaim, but that didn’t stop Shyamalan from immediately promising a sequel, a promise he has stood by for 17 years.

Instead of getting around to this much-anticipated follow-up, the director put his energy into a string of lamentably misguided films—including Lady in the Water, The Last Airbender, and After Earth—but feeling his reputation restored somewhat by 2015’s The Visit, he dared to integrate Unbreakable’s David Dunn (Bruce Willis) in the finale of Split. Even before the latter film became Shyamalan’s biggest domestic hit in 15 years, it seems he was hoping for some kind of crossover double sequel. According to his Twitter feed, he has officially succeeded.

Tentatively titled Glass, this film is currently scheduled for a 2019 release. For a quick glimpse of the scene that made this crossover possible, check out the video below: