Luke Skywalker Loved Rogue One So Much He’s Tweeting Terrible Puns

Jedis can fight off bad guys with lightsabers and mind tricks without breaking a sweat, but they could use some help in the joke department—or at least Mark Hamill can.

Now that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is out (and killing it at the box office), fans are starting to chime in with the critics about whether they love the movie. Hamill—Luke Skywalker himself—is with those who love the addition to the franchise, and he showed his excitement for the flick with 140 characters of pure joy. (And cheese.)

#RogueOnederful. ROGUE. ONE. DER. FUL.

We know that Darth Vader is the famous dad in the Star Wars canon and all, but Skywalker, you’ve just delivered the ultimate intergalactic dad joke in a single hashtag.