Lucasfilm Is Working On An Obi-Wan Kenobi Spin-Off


Given all the recent drama surrounding the Han Solo movie, you’d think Disney and Lucasfilm might think twice before creating another spin-off about a classic Star Wars character. Maybe they did think twice, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, they have decided to go forward with a new Obi-Wan Kenobi movie.

Seemingly responding to the character’s British roots—Alec Guinness played the role in the first two Star Wars movies—it seems Lucasfilm has enlisted an extremely unlikely British filmmaker to tackle the project: prestige-minded auteur Stephen Daldry (The Hours, The Reader). While still in “early talks,” Daldry appears to be the only contender for the job.

At this point, almost nothing is known about this project—sources say “talks are at the earliest of stages” and there’s no script—including the actor playing Kenobi. Guinness died long ago, so he’s probably off the table (of course, that didn’t Peter Cushing from returning for Rogue One), but Ewan McGregor is still very much alive—and interested. Back in 2015, he made this clear in an interview with Indiewire. “I’ll say it publicly, here, now: I’d be happy to do the story between Episode III—that I finished in—and Episode IV that Alec Guinness started in,” he said. “I think that would be good. Disney should definitely do that.”

Then again, there’s a good chance Lucasfilm wants to distance itself from the notorious prequel trilogy, so don’t be surprised if they find a new actor to play Obi-Wan. In any case, the next available spin-off slot is 2020, though that spot could be filled by one of the other spin-offs already in development.

Fortunately, Star Wars fans have no shortage of movies to keep them busy in the meantime, including the Han Solo movie and The Last Jedi. Check out the teaser for the latter—which arrives in theatres on December 15—below: