45 Logan Easter Eggs And References You Probably Missed

It’s not uncommon for a superhero movie to be jammed full of Easter eggs and other well-hidden references, but the movies don’t always warrant the repeat viewing necessary to find those secrets. Most fans would probably agree that Logan definitely does warrant closer scrutiny, as it’s a superhero movie made with uncommon care and precision, but before you put in all that hard work, we have some good news: YouTuber Mr Sunday Movies has already done the work for you. In a new 12-minute video, he highlights no less than 45 Easter eggs, sharpening your senses for future viewings.

Logan isn’t considered your typical comicbook movie,” he explains. “Sure, it’s got a guy that’s well over 100 years old with unbreakable metal blades that come out of his hands—plus, a mind-reading old British man and people with robot limbs and a bunch of kids with special and improbable abilities. But still, this is the realest thing you’ll ever see in your life. Of course, this being set in the X-Men universe means there’s a bunch of Easter eggs, references, and cameos linked to the comics, the other movies, character histories, and a whole lot more.” In addition to finding most of these, he pledges to try and decipher “this universe’s complete nonsense timeline.”

Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll want to avoid this video until you’ve seen Logan, which is going strong in theatres now. Once you’ve completed that step, check out those Easter eggs below.