The 7 Types Of Live-Tweeters You Meet During Television Season

We’re now a few weeks into the beginning of the new television season, but there are still plenty of shows yet to premiere—like DC’s Legends of TomorrowSupergirl, and Shadowhunters, to name a few. And while you can watch new episodes whenever you want thanks to the magic of modern technology, odds are you’re going to prefer plopping down on the couch right when it airs for one important reason: to live-tweet it.

Yup, no longer are people worried about what the DVR has done to our TV watching habits, because loudly proclaiming your every reaction in real time and to for all the Internet to see will keep live television running indefinitely. But be warned: everyone has their own distinct live-tweeting style, and it might not always gel with yours. Here are just a few of the personalities you might run into during an episode of Empire or American Horror Story—and it should go without saying, but spoiler warning for… well, everything.

The Spoiler


Some people try to be intentionally vague about what’s happening on their favorite TV show so as not to ruin the days of people who can’t watch live with them. Not this tweeter! He will literally spell out exactly what’s happening, and if you’re especially unlucky he won’t even use the hashtag you’re already muting.

The Comedian


What is Twitter if not a writer’s room where everyone’s invited? The Comedian knows this, and will spend the entire episode cracking wise at all the twists, turns, and character drama—whether it’s appropriate for the situation or not. Who needs filters, amirite?

The Latecomer


This tweeter tunes in because he knows everyone else and his grandma loves this show. Problem is, he hasn’t had time to binge watch the rest of it in advance, so he’s hopelessly lost and confused. Who’s that guy? He doesn’t know. Why is he so mad about what that other guy did? No idea, but he’s going to expect you and the rest of his Twitter followers to explain it to him.

The Marathoner


The opposite of the Latecomer, this person will be DAMNED if she lets entire seasons worth of continuity pass her by. You’ll often catch her at two in the morning offering her various thoughts on scenes the entire fandom can recite from memory.

The Snob


Literally everybody is tweeting about your favorite show except for this Twitter user, who doesn’t understand what all the hype is about. If they’re tuning in themselves, they’re complaining about every single line of dialogue like they’re Simon Cowell and the show just told them it thinks One Direction is overrated.

The Reactionary


You can’t tell what happened on tonight’s episode, but you know this person feels lot of emojis about it. Expect keysmashes, all caps, reaction gifs, and a lot of unintelligible squeeing.

The Victim


This person got spoiled and somebody other than them must be responsible. Maybe they happened to check their phone in the middle of the broadcast thinking it was safe, or they live on the West Coast and follow a bunch of Eastern Standard Time viewers. Either way, they’re mad and they’re taking it out on everybody.