Linda Hamilton Promises A ‘More Unpredictable’ Sarah Connor In T6

After a break from The Terminator series that spanned three films and 28 years, Linda Hamilton returns to her signature franchise in November’s Terminator: Dark Fate. As she sees it, this lengthy hiatus allowed for a more substantial performance this time around. “There is a real gift in that so much time has passed, and that gives me so much more to explore with the character,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “Sarah Connor is the same person, but I wanted to see how the difference in events have changed her and shaped her and send her forward. There was meat there. I didn’t want to just recycle the same idea. It’s a woman who has a different mission, a different story, so I wanted to see what we could do with that.”

Asked to offer more details about Sarah Connor’s current situation, Hamilton shared some intriguing hints. “She’s a woman without a country,” she said. “Her original mission has changed due to circumstances and she really doesn’t have a team anymore, she just has a thirst for vengeance, so that makes her very alone. She’s still a wild card, but a wild card without a real true mission is a lot more unpredictable.”

As for the challenge of reviving Sarah Connor after a break of nearly three decades, Hamilton confesses that it was an arduous process. “It’s not like riding a bike, I’ll tell you that,” she explained. “Of course, one assumes if you put in the same hard work, you get the same results, so I went straight back into training really hard and it’s like, ‘Oh my god, you need hormones to put muscle on!’ So just starting with the basic cosmetics of the character and all of the things that I had to sort of include in my new reality as Sarah Connor. But, really, it’s about building her backstory and figuring out where she’s been and who she is today… I was pretty overwhelmed with a sense of obligation and duty and love for the character, just really trying to make sure that we honored the past and created something new for the future.”

Terminator: Dark Fate arrives in theatres on November 1. Check out the trailer below.