New Extended Life Sneak Peek Is Literally Gripping

‘Keep your hands to yourself’ is a good rule to live by… especially in space, where you can get into a lot of trouble by poking at stuff you shouldn’t.

A just-released clip from the Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) sci-fi/horror movie, Life demonstrates the above rule perfectly. When the crew of a Mars expedition discovers a kind of cellular organism on the surface of the planet, they bring a sample on board for testing and experimentation, excited by the idea that we are not alone in the universe—and that our new neighbour lives right next door! (Interplanetary cup of sugar borrowing possibilities just went up by 100 per cent.)

The sample, however, does not enjoy being experimented on. After some gentle, mildly electrified prodding, the cells, each containing both muscle and brain-like abilities, mount their own kind of defense… to horrifying ends. Remind us: why is that people want to go to space again?

If you want to see both Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds have total meltdowns at the same time, this is the trailer for you. Life arrives in theatres on March 24. Here’s the super creepy new clip: