Leo’s Oscar Campaign Gets Its Own Video Game

As anyone who follows the Academy Awards will tell you, Leonardo DiCaprio is a constant presence on the awards circuit, one that always seems to come up short on Oscar night. By all indications, that’s about to change, as his atypically non-verbal performance in The Revenant is winning awards—including a BAFTA, a Golden Globe and a SAG Award—left and right. Knowing how badly DiCaprio wants an Oscar, it would border on cruel and unusual punishment if the Academy denies him now. Plus, none of the other candidates seem to have a shot in hell. In any case, it’s not official until DiCaprio has the statuette in his hands.


With that in mind, The Line Animation has created a hilarious new game that pushes DiCaprio to the limit—where he’s gotta be—in pursuit of that first Oscar. While racing down the red carpet, he earns the occasional “BAFTA Bonus,” while doing battle with photographers, Lady Gaga—recipient of a bizarre Leo look at last month’s Golden Globes—and fellow nominee Eddie Redmayne “as The Danish Girl.”


Bonus games include a Wolf of Wall Street tribute known as Quaalude Overdose


…and a grueling test of DiCaprio’s pained facial expressions known as Act Harder.


To find out if Leo’s Oscar dreams come true, tune in to CTV on February 28th for the 88th Academy Awards. In the meantime, you can try your hand at Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage here or watch an action-packed demo below.